VeVe Ultraman Drop, A Total Debacle

Ultraman has been an anime staple for well over 40 years. We remember watching it on TV as a child and loving the vibe and coolness Ultraman brought. It’s great that the remake of the movie is happening soon and to see so many collectors so excited about such a classic character really is a testament to what a great character Ultraman is.

This morning millions of people around the world were stopped in their tracks as VeVe released their Ultraman collection this morning at 8 AM. We were met with a never-ending wheel of spinning death, where the app just wasn’t loading in at all. The stress and anxiety this brought on was immediately seen on social channels, as people took to tweets and FB groups explaining their disappointment.

VeVe commented on their Twitter account that they were delaying the release by an hour because the app needed to be updated due to the overwhelming response to this collections drop. So we stood by and waited for the collection to be released to the public and had our Gems ready to purchase these cool collectibles.

This is where the nightmare began. Almost 2 hours later we finally were able to login to see the Ultraman drop.

Every single one was sold out already, even though at least 90% of the people weren’t even able to log into their app. What was more frustrating was seeing people posting their newly acquired Ultramen from different parts of the world with multiples not single purchases. People sometimes having up to five of these collectibles while 90% of people couldn’t even log into the app. This simply is unfair and has turned a lot of people off from using this app.

We are sure many were just like us and had loaded up some money to purchase Ultraman this morning by converting their dollars into GEMS, which is the currency the app uses. It is attached to the OMI coin that is available on the Crypto market places. The drawback is that you can’t withdraw your money back once converted to GEMS they will only be able to convert it to OMI which creates quite a bit of a problem in a situation like this. W are now stuck with about 100 bucks in GEM, which is useless to anything else other than the VeVe app

We can only imagine what the Ultraman team is thinking right now, licensing this digital collectible drop with VeVe. Although the app has some very promising things the basic problem of not being able to have the bandwidth to handle a drop like this is very concerning and really honestly turned us off to the app. We think that the mainstream would have an easy time swallowing NFTs using an app like this. But,these technical issues, that should definitely have been solved way before any kind of drop like this, we don’t see it going much farther without some major changes done to the platform.

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  1. Good article. I am stuck with gems I can’t spent and can’t withdraw. The marketplace is down and no indication when it’s coming back. I definitely won’t be using the app again in the short term, if ever. I won’t risk being burned again.

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