Meet the Artist SpacyLion

I always like to talk to different artist and a lot of artists are branching out from Opeansea to Atomichub and he is one that interests me not only is he dropping some great NFT’s his big picture is for a game . This interview was done over a couple days as he is a busy man I think since we started doing the interview he has dropped at least three NFT’s and they have been nice

Hi Crackers ! 😁

Hey how’s things ?

Rendering another textures right now:) Polishing them😄

Nice when you hoping to drop them ?

I hope in about 2 hours some sort of it, have to create a little bit new concept:)

Busy man

What’s your Artist name ?

So my name is Spacylion . its about new hope and story.

Where you living ?

I’m from Russia

What your full time job ?

love to chat, trying to speak as much as I can btw I’m dentist so its my job

Your a dentist by day NFT artist by night?


(Day 2)

How you ?

Hi, I’m fine , Excited and happy .

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