Meet the artist of Rusty the red panda

This is another artist who I was told to check out and I am glad I did his work is brilliant and if you love red pandas he is the man to go check out .A bit more background lumpia Gang and him work together lol and both were recommend by @CAV321 on twitter (thanks so much for that ) So lets meet the artist …..



How’s things ?

all good, just waiting waiting my new drop to go live😅

When you is it going live ?

in 16 minutes

Oh right do you want to wait till after your drop is live ?

nah its ok, we could start now 😁

Oh brilliant so how you today

all’s fine, just normal busy day 😄

What’s your name ?


Where you from ?


Where you in work today ?

we’re working from home and just finished my work today

And for those of you who read my article yesterday he works with Emman

Oh cool how is the drop going ?

its great! First time a paid drop is sold out

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