Meet the Artist NippyNip

So you proubly haven’t heard of this artist but I was told to keep an eye out by @SillyPsyBen who told there is a talented artist coming from Opensea to Atomichub so I had to check him out is work is quite cool and so lets waste no time and find out some more information about him ………



So how’s today been for you busy ?

Today’s been a good day! I had a long time friend come wake me up in the morning, we linked up with another mate from up the road, had ourselves a talk about crypto and NFT spaces, said our good byes and off i went and got myself some dirty bird! KFC that is.. like that piggy I am 😂

Topped it off learning some guitar riffs with another friend around town. Once the night kicked in, the nippy comes out and I jumped online to drop some more mints on previous drops, buy some silly faces! 🤪😁 lurked the depths of Twitter and ofc touched base with the online crew ❤

Leaving us here. 🤘

So can I ask what lead you down the path of NFT’s

Without to much of a backstory a good mate of mine had been going hard in what he calls hackart on his phone! He has some really great dark psychedelic scenes and colours 😍

I’d always loved drawing with him and I had been animating on my phone the last year for fun making some mini toon’s ! It was then he mentioned that they could work as NFT’s! NF whhaaa I say? He then proceeded to teach me up, show me what virtual galleries are the lot that alone blew me away, he the proceeded to school me vr worlds and all sorts! But that had me hooked quickly!

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