Meet the Artist behind Humbledrawing

So this meet the artist is a no brainer for me I have been annoying Humble for interview for a while we met through @SillyPsyBen in his discord channel I loved humbles NFT’s but at the time when I asked for an interview he wasn’t ready so I told I would be back and this time he was more than happy to chat thank god

Just before we get into chat IL let humble explain the dynamics of humbledrawings

Well Sara is the artist of humble, she´s my older sister. I (Kenneth) manage the techinical stuff, twitter, discord and getting the art digitalized, as she is not a very technical person. Guess we´re kind of a team, the real art is made by Sara, the blend we dropped last night and the special editions of humblehouses have been made by me (Kenneth) with sara´s blessing of course.

Sorry if it´s a bit confusing 😁

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