It’s not just about the Artist, It’s about the community

We are a WAX blockchain hub for finding the latest drops Atomichub has to offer.  We simply link directly to the market for people to purchase your artwork making it easier for the artist and also showing that we truly are just out to get more exposure for the right people.

To get your artwork considered for a review for the ON THE RADAR section, please either tag us on Twitter @ArtDrop5 or email us at with a link to your minted WAX artwork.

What’s in it for us?

First and foremost we are artists that have been working professionally for many decades and like to help build opportunities for artists to grow and finally have a little recognition and money.

We are currently working on bringing in our own marketplace with low fees using the WAXP Blockchain and other sensible eco-friendly coins. Stay tuned coming this summer.



Los Angeles, CA