Beeple 500 Everydays

69 Million for 5000 Everydays

Holy shit.

This was the reaction world-famous artist BEEPLE gave when learning his piece sold for $69 million at an auction at Christie’s auction house.

It’s an amazing feat for any digital artist to sell something at that price range and even more amazing that it was done at an auction house readily known for selling master pieces of artwork.

NFTs or nonfungible tokens have been gaining a lot of press lately and this recent sale has taken it to the next level. BEEPLE has been a digital artist for a very long time and has been posting a render every day for 13 years. The culmination of those 13 years was put into this 5000 Everydays piece that sold for $69 million. This extended value of the peace, which is truly a piece of this man’s life, is what was up for auction.

It’s impossible to put a true price on the amount of time, effort, and brainpower it took for BEEPLE to accomplish what he did. I’m just so proud of the digital community finally getting some due credit that they truly need, and it will help support the future of digital artists to come.

Many people, just learning about NFT’s, just don’t get it. They don’t understand why they couldn’t just download the JPEG on their own and think it would have the same value. It definitely does not. NFT’s have become a new way for artists and also collectors, musicians, filmmakers, chefs, dancers, choreographers, and so many other type of professions to benefit from this nonfungible token craze.

In conclusion, the bigger story here is that one man has now brought attention to a whole community of digital artists that now are also gaining attention. The ability to get royalties in perpetuity for every time their NFT is sold, makes this such an incredible opportunity and also a new revenue stream for small artists and brands. I suggest researching more about NFTs to see how they might be able to help you and your brand get to new levels

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